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Key Housing offers furnished rentals including furnished apartments and serviced apartments throughout San Jose. Whether you are looking for a short term apartment, condo, or single family house, our friendly housing managers and huge database of rentals will help you quickly find the temporary housing solution that best fits your specific location and budget needs.

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What is a Furnished Apartment?

The types of short-term corporate rentals offered by Key Housing go by many names, among them “furnished apartment.” While our listings vary, usually a furnished apartment means not only the basic furnishings such as chairs, beds, desks but also bedding and basic kitchen utensils. Browse our furnished apartment listings in San Jose, but feel free to reach out to a rental consultant to find the furnished apartment that meets your rental needs.

About Los Angeles, California

If you are considering corporate housing in Los Angeles, consider some of the interesting historical facts about this community:

The Los Angeles coastal area was inhabited by the earlier Native American nations for thousands of years. The first Europeans to arrive came in 1542 who claimed the area as the City of God for the Spanish Empire but did not stay. The next contact came 227 years later when Gaspar de Portolà, together with Franciscan padre Juan Crespi, reached the present site of Los Angeles on August 2, 1769.

In 1771 the Mission San Gabriel Arcángel was built near what is now called San Gabriel Valley. On September 4, 1781, a group of 52 settlers from New Spain, which were predominantly of African descent, set out from the San Gabriel mission to establish a settlement along the banks of what is now called the Los Angeles River. The new governor of California recommended to the viceroy of New Spain that the site be developed into a town. In 1781 the town was founded and was named "El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles del Río de Porciúncula," ("The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels on the River".) It remained a small ranch town for decades, but by 1820 the population had increased to about 650 residents, making it the largest civilian community in Spanish California.

New Spain achieved its independence from the Spanish Empire in 1821, and the town continued as a part of Mexico. Mexican rule ended during the Mexican-American War, when Americans took control from the Californios, on January 13, 1847 the war ended in California. Later, the Mexican government formally ceded Alta California and other territories to the United States. Europeans and Americans solidified control over the city during the California Gold Rush and secured the subsequent admission of California into the United States in 1850.

The old city plaza railroads arrived when the Southern Pacific completed its line to Los Angeles in 1876. Oil was discovered in 1892, and by 1923 Los Angeles was supplying one-quarter of the world's petroleum. In the 1920s the motion picture and aviation industries both flocked to Los Angeles and helped with its further development. The city was the proud host of the 1932 Summer Olympics. In 1969, Los Angeles was one of two birthplaces of the Internet, as the first ARPANET transmission was sent from UCLA to SRI in Menlo Park.

Source: http://www.bycitylight.com/cities/us-ca-los_angeles-history.php

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June, 2017. Summer is a wonderful time to search for a short term rental, whether in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Why? One word: turn-over. Many Key Housing partners will open up short term housing anywhere from Cupertino to San Diego, Sacramento to Santa Monica, and many other cities throughout the state. And, if you're coming from Europe, yes we're the leader in Serviced Apartments in Los Angeles or in San Diego, as well as smaller cities like Irvine or Folsom. Whatever your corporate or short term apartment needs are in the Golden State, we can help!

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Based in Folsom, California, Key Housing Connections Inc. specializes in corporate housing and corporate rentals in large cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Jose as well as smaller cities like San Mateo, Pasadena and Walnut Creek. Whether you want a Palo Alto serviced apartment or a short term rental in San Diego, browse our listings to find the rental that fits your short term corporate housing needs. We are competitive with extended stay hotels in cities such as Cupertino, Santa Clara or even Long Beach, and many nurses, interns and people seeking pet friendly corporate rentals or corporate relocation services depend on us for their furnished apartment or other temporary housing needs. Key Housing is a leader in affordable, friendly, short-term and corporate housing rentals in places like Redwood City, Santa Monica, Newport Beach and just about every city in California. Whether it's serviced apartments or a furnished rental, just search, click or call today!