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Key Housing offers corporate rentals including serviced apartments throughout San Francisco. Whether you are looking for a short term apartment, condo, or single family house, our friendly housing managers and huge database of rentals will help you quickly find the temporary housing solution that best fits your specific location and budget needs.

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Serviced Apartments in San Francisco

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What is a Serviced Apartment?

The types of short-term corporate rentals offered by Key Housing go by many names, among them “serviced apartment.” While our listings vary, a “serviced apartment” is generally a term used outside the USA and is synonymous with the terms corporate rental or short-term rental, but in a private house, condo, or apartment vs. an extended stay hotel. Browse our serviced apartment listings in San Francisco, but feel free to reach out to a rental consultant to find the serviced apartment that meets your rental needs.

About San Francisco, California

If you are considering corporate housing in San Francisco, consider some of the interesting historical facts about this community:

San Francisco Early History

San Francisco history remained devoid of Europeans until 1775, when the Spanish, long having a stronghold in Southern California, ventured north on a "Sacred Expedition" led by Gaspar de Portola. In 1776, the Spanish founded the Presidio Army Base and the Catholic Church commenced capturing and enslaving the San Francisco Ohlone population. Later, ranchers grazed San Francisco's green hills with cattle and continued until an upstart nation to the east, the United Stated of America, set her sights westward to the Pacific's shining seas.

Gold Rush: San Francisco 49ers History

Just before the San Francisco 49ers history began, the United Stated made one of its luckiest aqcuisistions. On July 9, 1846, a small outpost of wood shacks, Yerba Buena, founded by an eager Mormon priest, Samuel Brannan, became an official part of the United States. Three years later in 1849, James Marshall discovered gold dust in a Sierra saw mill and San Francisco became the entrance port to the famed "El Dorado," the legendary land of gold in the West.

Brannan publicized the new gold discovery and soon San Francisco (later renamed San Francisco after the Bay) was overrun with "Gold Fever." In less than a year, over 50,000 people came to San Francisco looking for fortune. An outlandish circus of discovery and building, San Francisco grew up lawless and exuberant. Goods and investment poured in from the East; the history of San Francisco 49ers is the beginning of San Francisco's modern history.

San Francisco Earthquake History: April 18, 1906, 5:12am and October 17, 1989, 5:05pm

Just as San Francisco was beginning to settle down from the booms and busts of the Ore Rushes, the San Andreas Fault shrugged her shoulders. In the early hours of April 18, 1906, a devastating earthquake struck San Francisco, leveling the area South of Market and rattling the rockier parts of San Francisco.

Fires quickly started and within days, the whole city was in flames. There was not enough water to effectively fight the fire. As the flames enveloped the city, hundreds of thousands were displaced from their homes, looting began and the Mayor briefly enacted Marshall Law.

Eighty-three years later, the sleeping San Andreas Fault again dealt San Francisco a crushing earthquake, which again leveled parts of San Francisco and cracked bridges. San Francisco learned from earthquake history when reacting to this second devastating earthquake. History taught San Francisco that quickly quelling fire damage after an earthquake is critical to earthquake emergency response.

San Francisco Counterculture: Beatnik 1950s and Psychedelic 1960s

San Francisco Chronicle columnist coined the phrase "Beatnik" to describe the wave of poets, thinkers and writers sharing a common disenchantment with American values and the established order that flourished in San Francisco's cafes, fueled by espressos in havens such as North Beach's City Lights.

In the 1960s, the disenchantment espoused by the Beatniks evolved into a truly San Franciscan historical phenomenon: the Hippie Generation. Peace, love and psychic expansion through psychedelics thrived in the Haight Ashbury and the peaceful greens of Golden Gate Park. Today, the Haight and Ashbury cross street is sacred ground for those who remember the days when optimism and wonder filled San Francisco's consciousness.

San Francisco Tech Boom

If 1950s and 1960s San Francisco was the decade of Counterculture, San Francisco in the 1990s rushed in the era of Cyberculture. Seemingly overnight, San Francisco bustled with digital-age miners looking to strike it rich on technology's vast frontier. The city swelled with money, restaurants and bars overflowed with "yuppies" living in swank new lofts and high rent apartments (the byproduct of mass evictions and displacements), while the fat of venture capital fueled spending and digital dreams. The tech bubble burst in 2001, and San Francisco, just as soon as it had filled, drained in months.

San Francisco Today

Today, San Francisco is again leading the way in new technologies, this time in green energy and stem cell research. New developments in sustainable sources of energy are making San Francisco a magnet for investment, in addition to California laws promoting stem cell research and development.


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June, 2017. Summer is a wonderful time to search for a short term rental, whether in Los Angeles or San Francisco. Why? One word: turn-over. Many Key Housing partners will open up short term housing anywhere from Cupertino to San Diego, Sacramento to Santa Monica, and many other cities throughout the state. And, if you're coming from Europe, yes we're the leader in Serviced Apartments in Los Angeles or in San Diego, as well as smaller cities like Irvine or Folsom. Whatever your corporate or short term apartment needs are in the Golden State, we can help!

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Based in Folsom, California, Key Housing Connections Inc. specializes in corporate housing and corporate rentals in large cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Jose as well as smaller cities like San Mateo, Pasadena and Walnut Creek. Whether you want a Palo Alto serviced apartment or a short term rental in San Diego, browse our listings to find the rental that fits your short term corporate housing needs. We are competitive with extended stay hotels in cities such as Cupertino, Santa Clara or even Long Beach, and many nurses, interns and people seeking pet friendly corporate rentals or corporate relocation services depend on us for their furnished apartment or other temporary housing needs. Key Housing is a leader in affordable, friendly, short-term and corporate housing rentals in places like Redwood City, Santa Monica, Newport Beach and just about every city in California. Whether it's serviced apartments or a furnished rental, just search, click or call today!