Allegro Towers is San Diego Corporate Housing Raised to a New Level

Traditionally San Diego has been a “low-rise” city, and most San Diego corporate housing was to be found in apartment buildings that were just a few stories tall. But in the past 15 years, a great deal of redevelopment has happened downtown, and at one point the geniuses in city planning discovered the remarkable fact that they weren’t making any new land in the San Diego core. Imagine that! After some discussion, it was decided that development must go in the only direction open to it: up! So now San Diego corporate housing

San Diego Corporate Housing
San Diego Corporate Housing

has risen to new heights, literally.

Now San Diego has not exactly turned into Manhattan, but there are some tall building scattered around the downtown core now. Naturally someone had to build the tallest residential tower. Whether by accident or design, it turns out to be Allegro Towers. At twenty-nine floors, naturally it boasts some impressive views, arguably the best that can be had from San Diego corporate housing. The bay and the harbor are laid out below, and you can watch cruise ships as they come and go from port. Sunsets over the Pacific viewed from each apartment’s private balcony are absolutely killer.

Unsurprisingly, a number of the Tower’s amenities are designed to take advantage of the “tallest of all” status. There is a rooftop deck for sunning, which can be mixed with a relaxing swim in the sparkling infinity pool! Maybe not for those with a fear of heights however!

San Diego Corporate Housing: Welcome to the Neighborhood!

No San Diego corporate housing exists in a vacuum, but the Allegro Towers are situated in a particularly advantageous one: Little Italy is close by, so any craving for great pasta or pizza is easily sated. Getting around downtown without a car is facilitated by the waterfront trolley which can be caught nearby.

Interiors feature innovative designs based on multiple floor plans (from studios to multi-bedroom units) and comfortable living accommodations, one of which is bound to match anyone’s taste.

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