Remote Office

Remote Office Options

If your temporary housing plans include a need for an office or workstation in the home, let the experts at Key Housing assist you.

One of the wonderful advantages your new home will have over a hotel room is that when you travel, you simply lock the door and leave your belongings and your work where it is. When you return, you will find everything exactly where it was.

We have been helping our guests create their environments for over twenty-six years. If you want to avoid transporting your tech equipment, you can choose to add any or all of the following to your temporary home:

  • Desk or Workstation
  • Ergonomic Chair(s)
  • Docking Station
  • Single or Multi Screen Monitor(s)
  • Full Size Keyboard(s)
  • Printer(s)
  • Work Lighting
  • File Cabinet(s)

High Speed Internet and Wifi will already be included in your housing package.


Need help? Ask a Key Housing Expert.

Finding the perfect remote office housing solution can be challenging. Contact our friendly customer care center to help. Call us today at 1-800-989-0410 or request a quote.

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