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Obviously, the first priority of Key Housing is to protect the health and safety of its employees, clients, and their families. However, many companies and the government are still requiring employees to engage in essential travel.

Travel to California is thus continuing, but the business traveler is concerned about crowded hotels including exposure to other guests, staff, crowded buffets, and restaurants, etc. For this reason, Key Housing is issuing an alert on the advantages of short-term rentals vis-a-vis hotels.

These are:

  • Key Housing is not a hotel, where multiple guests use the same furnishings. Instead, each Key Housing guest enjoys the advantages of an individual residence.
  • Clients can rest assured in the knowledge that each Key Housing residence is set up for their exclusive use. Each and every piece of furniture, housewares and linens in a temporary residence is being delivered fresh from the warehouse.
  • Every item has been cleaned and disinfected. Additionally, special attention is paid to disinfecting all hard surfaces in the residence prior to a client’s arrival.
  • Also, your new home has been inspected by a Canine Team and Certified to be bedbug free.

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