Bakersfield Short Term Rentals Get No Respect, But That Is Changing

Bakersfield is a little bit the Rodney Dangerfield of California cities. Beautiful mountains all around, but Bakersfield is down on the flats. Some cities are famous for their proximity to ski resorts and casinos (looking at you Reno), while Bakersfield is famous for proximity to oil pumping operations.  But it is a bit of a bum rap: Bakersfield has come a long way in the last few years and Bakersfield corporate housing and short term rentals have become more attractive as part of that change.

Bakersfield Short Term Rentals: Doing the Time Warp

Bakersfield, California - Corporate RentalsThe key to Bakersfield’s revival is that developers didn’t tear out the downtown architecture and put in ugly strip malls.  It was largely left alone, and now that interest in making a living city core has returned, all the original architecture is still intact, some of which has been converted to Bakersfield short term rentals. So walking down the street becomes a little bit of a time warp back several decades.  However with one crucial difference: They’re not serving coffee from the 1950’, they have Starbucks. Hooray for that!

What’s Old is New Again

So if you’re looking into Bakersfield short term rentals, be sure to go into it with an open mind. Take yourself downtown and have a stroll, stop for coffee. Browse the boutiques. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

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