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As if you didn’t have enough to worry about as a corporate renter, now there’s the fear of bedbugs in short term rentals, corporate rentals, and hotels throughout California. Often the media overhypes a phenomenon like this, so don’t fall into the trap of believing that it’s more of a problem than it really is. That said, we have the highest standards to prevent bed bug infestations in the California corporate housing and short term housing establishments that we use.

Bed Bugs: What They Are, and Why Worry?

Corporate Short Term HousingBed bugs have a huge “yuck” factor. They are little insects that feed on human blood, and bite you during your sleep. Prior to the advent of modern pesticides like DDT, they were a common problem in hotels. Then they went away, but now as certain types of pesticides are withdrawn from the market due to safety concerns and as the world has become more global, they’re back.

By the way, there are no known health concerns with bed bugs, unlike mosquitoes or lice. So they may be disgusting, but they don’t harm people.

If you want to read more about bed bugs, you can check out this link, here. But as a leader in California corporate housing, we want to explain our bed bug policies.

Bed Bugs and California Corporate Housing

First and foremost, we at Key Housing work only with the most reputable short term and corporate rental venues in California. For example, we have many find units available as Hayward short term rentals. In all cases, we hold our vendors accountable for thorough, on-going inspections against all sorts of unwanted corporate housing guests, whether those are bed bugs, lice, roaches or any other type of pests. Second, besides our policy of working with only the best vendors and inspections, we have a bed bug certification program. Our properties are certified “bed bug free” and this process ensures that the closest contact you’ll have with a bed bug in one of our establishments is likely to be reading about them on Wikipedia.

If you have concerns about Key Housing, or just want to allow us to help you find the best corporate rentals in California, please call us at (800) 989-0410 or contact us via the Web.

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