The Corporate Housing Market in San Francisco Continues to Tighten Despite the Huge Spike in Rental Fees

Ashton San Francisco Corporate Housing

Finding San Francisco corporate housing and, just housing in general, has always been something of a challenge because of the limited available space in the city compared to the number of people who desire to live there. The corporate housing market in San Francisco narrows down your choice even more, making it that much more difficult to find temporary housing.

Ashton San Francisco Corporate Housing
Ashton San Francisco Corporate Housing

Even despite the significant, rental fee inflation the corporate housing market continues to be in short supply. In this day and age, you need someone in your corner to help you find a suitable place to live on a short term basis. Key Housing is the right choice for the job. We have professional relationships with hundreds of property owners in the San Francisco Bay Area, and we have all the latest information pertaining to corporate rentals in San Francisco.

The Three Biggest Factors Affecting The San Francisco Corporate Housing Market

It would seem that the more expensive something becomes, the less desirable it becomes. This is the not the case however when it comes to short term corporate rentals in San Francisco mainly for 3 basic reasons:

1)First, the economy is finally improving for the first time since its tumble in 2008. The unemployment rate is low, and the job market has improved tremendously. When the economy gets better, inflation is common simply because there is more money out there passing hands.

2)Second, with the Job Market improving, companies are hiring more employees to satisfy the demands of their customers. This ultimately results in more frequent and necessary business travel as companies are once again expanding and growing. The increase in business travel directly affects the amount of corporate housing needed each month while employees temporarily relocate to accomplish a project.

3)Finally, with the economy booming, the city of San Francisco booms as well. More jobs in the city mean more necessity to live in the city, however the number of places available to live in the city remains finite – – limited – – regardless of how high demand gets. The more in demand something is, the more limited the supply becomes and inevitably the higher the price gets as people are willing to pay more and more for that coveted apartment overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, etc.

So even though the cost of corporate housing in San Francisco has jumped significantly, people are willing to pay that rate because the need and desire to live in the small  but exciting city continues to grow. Key Housing understands our clients needs for corporate housing, and we can find our clients the best possible temporary, short term rentals in San Francisco regardless of how tight the market gets.

If you have questions about Key Housing, or just want to allow us to help you find the best corporate rentals in San Francisco, please call us at (800) 989-0410.

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