Corporate Travel isn’t Always a Pleasure, but Changes are Happening in California

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VIPs need to choose what city they can do business in. They are given an assignment, and that’s it. Many business trips can take an executive to humdrum towns filled with big box stores and colorless fast-food options. Oxnard, California corporate housingThe scenery may seem somewhat “flat,” too. Aside from a park or two, little can inspire one to take an outdoor adventure. Business travelers may stay in their corporate housing apartment and skip venturing out to a run-of-the-mill town. But that can be mind-numbing. And taking a break during the off hours is essential to recharge for the work ahead.

If an executive is expected to travel to Oxnard, California, for a long-term visit, that’s a different story. California’s central coast is a vibrant landscape buzzing with positive energy and incredible landscapes! If your executive is staying at one of our corporate housing apartments nearby (, we suggest the following day trips.

Plan a Road Trip to Malibu

Looking to chill and enjoy the best of the California coast? Grab the sunscreen, and cruise down Highway 1 to Malibu. Only 44 minutes away, the ocean scenery will dazzle. Roll down the windows and listen to some favorite beach tunes. Suggested Itinerary:
Trancas Country Market: Breathe in the authentic Malibu Ranch culture. Wander the shops and pick up a sandwich. You may spot a celebrity enjoying a day off too.

Zuma Beach: Almost two miles of magical shoreline make it easy to find a spot to spread out and soak in the sun and surf. Parking is abundant and easy to use too.

Malibu Pier: Finish the day at the pier. Walk out and watch the pelicans dive for fish. Enjoy the panoramic view by “Billionaire’s Beach.” Eat dinner at the pier.

Weekend Excursion to the Channel Islands (
Explore the peace and natural beauty of the North Pacific’s Channel Islands. There are five in all: Santa Cruz, Anacapa, Santa Rosa, San Miguel, and Santa Barbara. Schedule a “concessionaire” boat for the hour ride. The state park and reserve is truly the best place to “get away from it all.” No food or water is provided, so fill a backpack with necessities. Each of the five islands offers something different. Go kayaking and explore the sea caves. Hike the islands and watch abundant island wildlife. It’s a popular area for divers ready to be surrounded by fish and seals. Learn about the history of the first island people, the Chumash. It could take more than one trip to experience everything the islands have to offer.  Here’s a video covering the Channel Islands National Park:

Stay Close to Home and Explore the Best of Oxnard

If your executive is staying at Key Housings’ Artisan Apartments (, getting around the area is a breeze.

We suggest:
Ventura Botanical Gardens : Hop on Highway 101 and drive up towards this 107-acre open space with beautiful hiking trails and stunning coastal views. Stop at the charming Merewether Welcome Center to get your trial map and learn about the area.

Oxnard Wine Tasting: Napa and Sonoma are not the only places creating world-class wines. California’s deep, nutrient-rich soil produces beautifully complex wines around the central coast. If a VIP is staying at Tierra Vista ( corporate housing, they are less than a 5-minute drive to the classic Tuscan ambiance of Magnavinoa Cellars.

If a VIP needs to schedule a long-term stay at a Oxnard California, corporate housing site, there’s plenty to help them relax and recharge after work hours!

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