Glendale Corporate Housing Leader, Key Housing Announces Featured Apartment Community for December, 2015

December 5, 2015 – Glendale, CA. Key Housing, a top-rated corporate housing service for Glendale and the surrounding Los Angeles area, is proud to announce their December, 2015, featured apartment community: The Americana at Brand. By selecting a featured apartment community in Glendale, Key Housing is helping those people working in the thriving arts and entertainment sector to find quality housing despite the ever-increasing demand for apartments.

“When one first arrives in Glendale there may be a bit of Glendale corporate housingconfusion, as it is not cityscape from horizon to horizon like much of Los Angeles,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “Bordered on three sides by hills and a park (the famous Griffith Park) it may be a pleasant surprise, a change of pace. Of course, any feeling that the city is out-of-the-way can be remedied by checking a map. Hollywood is nearby, as is the Los Angeles downtown core. And the freeways snaking through the city can whisk one to any place in the region desired. To help those looking for Glendale corporate housing, we have selected one of our most impressive partners to be featured in December.”

The featured apartment community for December, 2015, is The Americana at Brand. Interested parties can view the property at 889 Americana Way, Glendale, California.

To browse other available Glendale corporate housing please visit our website for more information on rentals in the Glendale location.  At both locations, one can easily find many examples of available short-term housing for corporate renters available in the city.

Exciting Features of December’s Featured Glendale corporate housing Community

Life at the Americana blends the pampering one would expect at an upscale hotel with the residential experience of Glendale corporate housing. The degree to which customer service is taken is summed up by the “5-star customer care center.” This is a truly unique combination, which makes the Americana worth a closer look.

The amenities that constitute marquee-features at other Glendale corporate housing sites are here taken for granted. Of course there is a kitchen with full-featured modern appliances, spacious closets, and so on. These are necessary of course, but not worth dwelling on as they don’t provide the mark of distinction that the Americana provides. Here is an example that does highlight the difference: There is parking for one’s car (of course!), and valet parking too if desired, but also basic yet crucial services: car wash and oil change. Simple touch, but makes all the difference. This is the “5-star customer care center” at work. One call, and life’s minor impediments vanish.

Is a pet an inseparable part of one’s life? Some Glendale corporate housing does not accommodate pets, or does so grudgingly. At the Americana, the staff can arrange pet walking, pet-sitting, and even grooming. The pampering does not stop with the human inhabitants, it extends to the four-legged ones as well.

If I Knew You Were Coming…

The Americana makes it easy to entertain guests at Glendale corporate housing, with multiple amenities geared to making their stay comfortable, all of which makes it easier to be the gracious host (without breaking a sweat). To begin, there is valet parking for guests; since this is Los Angeles, dollars to donuts says the guests will arrive by car, so this is vital. Guests are of course free to make use of all amenities at the Americana while here. Need help with party or event planning? This is another aspect of the 5-star customer care center.

Another guest-oriented feature seldom seen in: guest suites. Are out of town guests coming? Will they be sleeping on the sofa? That’s not so hospitable. But no need for that: There are wonderful guest suites available to rent. These suites are outfitted on par with fine hotels, so guests will feel very well-treated while they visit Glendale corporate housing. Win-win! Americana will do everything except bake a cake.

Availability for corporate renters cannot be guaranteed; however, Key Housing has many other available opportunities in the hot Glendale and Southern California rental market. Interested parties are recommended to either use the website, or contact Key Housing directly for personal assistance with their Glendale temporary housing needs.

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