Hunting for Short-Term Rentals in Chula Vista Can Be Difficult

If your company has drafted you to Chula Vista on business for a few weeks, or even a few months, then it is a great city to be in. An apartment for short-term rental in Chula Vista.There are lots of things to do and see. The population is around 270,000, making it the second-largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area, the 14th largest in California, and – believe it or not – the 76th largest in the whole of the US!

However, you may very well not want to spend your whole time in a hotel, even if your company is paying. Let’s face it, hotels are OK for a week or two, but after that life becomes very monotonous indeed. You are living out of a suitcase in a cramped room and absolutely everything is an extra cost. You need to get your laundry done: they will do it for you and charge the earth. Want to go online? Extra. Park your car? Extra. And don’t get us started on the bar prices!! What’s more, after a couple of weeks, if you want to know what day it is, just look at the restaurant menu: steak tartare and seafood pie? It’s Wednesday.

This is why so many people look for Chula Vista short-term rentals, but the problem is that if that is what you want you are in competition with all the other visitors who want the same thing. Sure, if you can get a short-term rental it is so much better than living in one bedroom because you can do your own “thing”. You can come and go as you please and live much as you would at home but finding Chula Vista short-term rentals is NOT easy! Not only are you in competition with so many other people all looking for the same thing, but there are a lot of short-term rentals here that are not even advertised.

Why Is That?

You may well wonder why that is, and at Key Housing we can tell you. Short answer: it is because at Key Housing we have got them available, but we don’t advertise them.

Sounds crazy? No, it’s not. We have been providing short-term rentals for visitors to California for so many years that we have a huge list of property owners throughout the state, Chula Vista included, who don’t need to advertise because we keep their homes booked up throughout the year with visitors. We don’t need to advertise them because those “in the know” know where to come when they want Chula Vista short-term rentals. They come to us.

So everyone is happy – landlords, visitors, and also ourselves – with one exception: all those people who don’t know where to come!

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