If You Are Connected With the Shipping Industry, San Diego Has Plenty of Work

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If you work in the shipping industry, or are connected with it in any way, then there is work available in San Diego. It has a deep-water port which includes the only major submarine and shipbuilding yards on the West Coast. Several major national defense contractors were started and are headquartered in San Diego, including General Atomics, Cubic, and NASSCO.Plenty of shipping jobs available in San Diego

San Diego is also home to the largest naval fleet in the world, with 53 ships, over 120 tenant commands, and more than 35,000 sailors, marines, Department of Defense civilian employees and contractors there in 2008. Some 15,000 businesses in San Diego County have Department of Defense contracts, and 5% of all jobs in the county are connected to the military. In 2020 the military infrastructure provided roughly 25% of the GDP and 23% of the total jobs in San Diego.

What this all means is that there are lots of people who come to San Diego on business connected with shipping and the navy on short term assignments, and of course, they all need somewhere to stay. Certainly, there are lot of hotels, but who wants to stay in a hotel for weeks, or even months, on end?

Then there is the cost. The Westin San Diego Bayview Hotel is $477 a night FYI! You might like the Manchester Grand Hyatt for a more reasonable $415. Or even the Sheraton San Diego Hotel and Marina at $276. For heaven’s sake, who can afford that sort of money for any length of time?

The Answer Is Corporate Rentals

The answer, of course, if you are visiting for more than a week or so, is corporate rentals, and this is where we can help you at Key Housing Connections. We have corporate rentals near downtown San Diego that are a lot less than those hotels, and of course, you get to live in your own home, so to speak.

San Diego has a vibrant downtown! The gaslight district, for example, is full of fine restaurants, and is convenient to the San Diego Convention Center. When you live in short term housing, it is just so much better than a hotel, even forgetting about the cost. Our homes are a home away from home, providing everything you will need for a short or medium-term stay.

We have one-bed, two-bed, and three-bed apartments in corporate rentals near downtown San Diego, and also larger homes with off-street parking. Some of them are also pet-friendly, so you can bring Bonzo with you as well!

Call us on 1-800-989-0410 or email [email protected] with your requirements for corporate rentals near downtown San Diego!

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