If You Are Going To Work In San Francisco You May Need Short Term Rentals

If your company is sending you on deployment to work in San Francisco for several weeks, or even months, you would be best off choosing one of our San Francisco short term apartments as opposed to a hotel.Short term rentals in San Francisco

Certainly, staying in a hotel has its attractions, but most people who do so for several weeks, or even longer, find that those attractions quickly wear off. To begin with, the menus usually stay the same for many weeks or even months, and you start to get bored with the fact that it’s Thursday and the choice is the same as last week and the week before that.

Hotels can also be cripplingly expensive. Most supply free Wi-Fi these days, but after that everything else is an extra. Having a drink in the bar will likely be at least half as much again as a bar elsewhere, which in turn will be three times the price of a bottle of wine that you buy and drink at home. Yes, you can always buy a bottle of wine and drink it in your room, but who wants to be stuck in a single room all the time?

Short Term Apartments Are The Answer

San Francisco short term apartments are the answer. They can be your home away from home where you can enjoy your own home comforts. You can buy and cook your own food, or if you are feeling lazy you can just send out for a pizza or an Indian takeaway. You are never restricted to what the menu offers on Thursday.

You can do your own laundry instead of paying hotel prices. Many of our San Francisco short term apartments come with off-street parking included, so you save on that too. You can get to know the neighbors and invite them round for after-dinner drinks, and you can invite your workmates as well. What’s more, if you decide to go out for a night on the town there is no deadline such as having to be back by 11.00 pm when the door is locked for the night.

More than anything when you are staying anywhere for more than a couple of weeks is the sense of freedom with short term rentals. You can go where you want when you want and you are not paying through the nose for lots of “extras”. Everybody benefits. The landlord turns a profit, which is fair enough, and you save a considerable amount of money by living in the same way that you do in your home city.

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