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Short-term housing in Silicon Valley is not easy to find

When you need to stay away from home for any length of time – business, or for any other reason, such as, perhaps caring for an elderly relative – it is always best to use short-term housing rather than staying in a hotel. It means that you have your own “home” and you can come and go as you please. None of this “dinner is finished at 8.30 stuff”.Short-term housing in Silicon Valley is not easy to find.

Not only that but staying in a hotel for any length of time is going to cost an arm and a leg. All you basically get is bed and breakfast. Everything else is an “add-on” – including things like WiFi and your morning coffee in many hotels these days.

So, yes, short-term housing is the definite preference if you have to stay for anything more than a week or two. But of course, short-term housing can be hard to find, especially if you are sent to somewhere such as Silicon Valley. You could be sent to do business with Apple (Cupertino) Twitter (San Francisco) Facebook (Menlo Park) or Google (Mountain View), but try finding short-term housing near Facebook HQ, for example. Or Meta, as Mr. Zuckerberg now wants to call it. Not much of a chance really, is there?

Unless You Talk To Us

That is unless you talk to us at Key Housing Connections. The accent is on the word “Connections”, because we have them where others don’t. We have been in the business of providing short-term housing for very many years, and the result is that we have some secret gems of short-term housing near Facebook HQ that are not available anywhere else. Yes, even in Menlo Park near Facebook/Meta HQ. And also in Mountain View (if you are visiting Google), Cupertino, and San Francisco. And all of the rest of California as well.

We have all sorts of different options available, depending upon your needs. For example, if you are going to be on your own, you will really only need a one-bed apartment. But you might need a two-bed or three-bed, or a home with a pool in the yard. A lot of our property owners are also pet-friendly, so that means that you can bring Bonzo with you rather than leaving him in kennels for ages.

Need to get your daily exercise? Some of the apartments that we have available come with a gym attached, so no problem there either. All you need to do is to let us know what it is that you want, when you want it, and for how long.

And that includes short-term housing near Facebook HQ.

(Sorry, Mr Zuckerberg, erm, Meta HQ).

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