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We have serviced apartments in Playa del Rey.

Many people have to visit other parts of the country on business, and quite often may need to stay there for weeks or even months. When something like this happens, and your company sends you on an assignment away from home, the last thing you want to do is spend weeks on end in a hotel.Serviced apartments in Playa Del Rey. OK, if it’s a few days or a week or so, maybe. But you don’t want to spend your life in a small hotel room, so the answer is to find a serviced apartment instead.

That may be by far the best thing for you, but the problem can be finding one in the right place at the right time and for the length of time that you need to stay away from home. That is not so easy.

Many people are sent by their company to work in Los Angeles. That is one big city, so it follows that there are all sorts of different businesses there, and that visitors may need to stay for several weeks or even longer. But while it is a hustling, bustling city, a lot of people prefer not to live in a city centre but rather further outside it where life is quieter and more peaceful, and they can enjoy themselves at the weekends.

Life On the Beach

If you are such an individual and have to work in LA, then why not consider life on the beach? No, Los Angeles doesn’t have a beach, but there is one not too far away on Playa del Rey. It’s only a 25-minute drive from LA and the population is only about 17,000 so life is far more laid-back and quieter than in the City of Angeles.

Better still, Playa del Rey is Spanish for “Beach of the King”. What could be better than living life like a king? We can help you with serviced apartments in Playa del Rey.

We have serviced apartments in Playa del Rey that you won’t find if you go looking online or in the local papers. This is because we have been providing medium to long term lets in furnished accommodation and corporate housing since 1992 and we have property owners who only let their properties through us.

This is because we take care of everything for them. We find new tenants when an existing one is moving out and we have a team that will deal with any issues and ensure that the property is in perfect condition for the next renter. So, if you are looking for serviced apartments in Playa del Rey, call us with your requirements.

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