If You Need Affordable Housing Rental in Silicon Valley, Try Redwood City

Redwood City isn’t as well known internationally as Palo Alto or Cupertino. It’s not where many eye-catching Silicon Valley vendors started or have their HQs. Redwood City for affordable housing rental.But here’s a secret: it’s known as a place to find “affordable” housing next to Silicon Valley and it’s a GREAT community. We can help you find Redwood City corporate rentals that are easy on your wallet and on your commute. In fact, even if you are working in San Jose your commute is only about 30 minutes.

Redwood City also has a great climate. Over 100 years ago, before WWI, the US government and German government conducted a climatological survey. The area centred on Redwood City tied for first place with the Canary Islands and the Mediterranean Coast of North Africa. The local paper ran a contest to find a slogan for the city in 1925 in order to attract new residents, and it was won by one Wilbur Doxsee who entered “By Government Test, Our Climate Is Best” and received the then princely sum of $10. It has been altered slightly to “Climate Best By Government Test” and you can see it on arches across Broadway at the east and west entrances to downtown. So this is another very good reason for staying in Redwood City corporate rentals.

The Cost Of Food

There are so many advantages to staying in corporate rentals, not the least of which is the cost of food. When you stay in a hotel you either have to eat in the hotel restaurant or you have to go out to a restaurant. Either way, you are paying restaurant prices for every meal. And if you want a bottle of wine with your dinner – let’s not even go there! Same thing if you want a quiet G & T before dinner in the hotel bar.

Living in Redwood City corporate rentals is the same as living at home. You get to do your own shopping at local shop prices and cook your own food. Parking is often available with corporate rentals and you don’t have to pay extra for it. In fact, just about everything in a hotel is extra.

Another big advantage over a hotel is that if you want to invite guests around for the evening you can do so. You can’t really do that in a cramped hotel room, so it’s back to the hotel lounge or bar again.

All of our houses and apartments are fully furnished with everything you will need including wi-fi, fitted kitchens, washing machine and tumble dryer, and some have the use of a pool or gym as well. It beats living in a hotel for several months.

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