If You Want to Escape the European Winter, Come to Sunny San Diego

Poway is only 25 minutes by car from San Diego

Realtors often refer to “location, location, location”. In fact, in the UK, there is a regular TV program about real estate which is called exactly that.San Diego serviced apartments.

However, in San Diego it’s all about the “weather, weather, weather”. If you live in Europe and you want to escape the winter weather, San Diego is as good a place as any – and better than most. Let’s face it, the winter in Europe – unless you are on the Mediterranean coast – can be pretty awful. Up those mountains in Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and so on can get really cold. All right, not as cold as the Arctic, but pretty cold all the same. Now imagine spending those winter months in the summer sunshine in those same countries, and that’s what you get in San Diego in the winter. What could be better?

Of course, if you come to San Diego, for whatever reason, you won’t want to stay in a hotel all winter. Not only does it cost a fortune, but you would be living out of a suitcase in a cramped hotel bedroom. What you need is one of the San Diego serviced apartments that we can find for you at Key Housing.

When you have one of our San Diego serviced apartments you effectively have your own “home” for the duration of your stay, whether its three weeks, three months, or a year or more. If you come on a corporate assignment you could be here for several months and having your own place is much the same as being at home.

You Get To Choose

You get to choose what you eat and when, choose whether to come or go, and you can do all your own laundry and so on. Yet our San Diego serviced apartments are all taken care of as regards cleaning etc., so from that point of view it’s like living in a hotel where everything is done for you, but for a lot less cost.

Not only that, you can invite business partners, or friends that you make, round for a meal or an evening playing cards or whatever turns you on, which you can’t do in a hotel room.

Just think of the cost of hotel food, and even worse, the bar costs. Drinks in hotels are ridiculous prices, but in your own serviced apartment you can just buy food and drink from the local stores at regular prices. There is really no comparison.

So if you are visiting San Diego on a corporate assignment or just to escape the European winter, give us a call at Key Housing and let us know your requirements.

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