It is not Easy Finding San Jose Corporate Housing, but Key Housing can Help

The corporate housing situation in San Jose isn’t easy. We won’t lie to you. It’s the epicenter of the housing shortage in NorCal. San Jose corporate housing.Let’s face it: the city has a population of over a million people, so it is pretty busy. It is also at the heart of Silicon Valley so there are a lot of corporate postings, some for a few weeks, some for several months. But if you’re assigned to San Jose and need corporate housing, we can help you (with a lot of due diligence and some luck) to find your dream corporate housing opportunity in San Jose.

Let’s be honest: if you are only staying for a couple of weeks, a hotel is probably as good as anywhere. However, what you don’t want to be doing is living out of a suitcase in a cramped hotel bedroom for months on end. Apart from any other consideration, it can become extremely boring. Oh yes, it’s sole meuniere tonight, because it’s Wednesday again! The same menu week after week at prices that are through the roof. The same thing if you want a couple of drinks in the bar. Sure, you can buy a bottle of wine at shop prices and drink it in your bedroom: that’s if you want to spend the evening in your hotel bedroom.

Paying For All The Extras

Even if your company is picking up your hotel bill, you still have to pay for all the extras like dry cleaning and so on. In fact, in most hotels just about everything is an extra, and all at vastly inflated prices. And if you ARE the company and sending one of your executives to San Jose it will cost you a lot less to put him or her up in corporate housing in San Jose than pay for a hotel room. Not only that, you don’t have to pay hotel restaurant prices, because your executive will do his or her own shopping as at home.

Certainly, San Jose has a lot of visitors on corporate business which is why corporate housing in San Jose can be hard to find, because a lot of people want it, and there are a limited number of properties available to rent. However, at Key Housing we have made a specialty out of housing in the city and we have quite a long list of properties available. With that said, our properties do get very booked up for the aforementioned reasons, so the earlier you can book with us, the better.

However, even if your visit is at short notice, don’t despair. We will do our utmost to accommodate you.

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