It’s No Fun Staying in a Crowded Hotel in Inglewood, Ca

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If you are being assigned to Inglewood, California, for any length of time, you won’t want to stay in a crowded hotel. Who wants to stay in a hotel in the middle of a pandemic? Not us, that’s for sure. And we guess not you either. At Key Housing we can find you Inglewood, California, furnished rentals instead, so that you can have a home away from home.

It’s not just the pandemic either, If you are stuck in a city far from home for weeks or months on end, the last thing that you want to be doing is living out of a suitcase in a small hotel room. It’s OK for a week or two under normal circumstances, but after that it becomes unutterably dreary. If your hotel is like most hotels, the menu stays the same for weeks on end. Sure, they may change it at Thanksgiving or Christmas, but the rest of the time you can tell what day of the week it is by opening the dinner menu.

Then there is the expense. Not only the cost of a room and the cost of dinner, but everything else is an extra as well. Hotels charge all sorts for parking, Wi Fi, and anything else that they can think of. Some hotels offer hot tubs, saunas, swimming pools, gyms, and so on, but it all costs extra. If you want a drink in the bar, then it is going to cost you an arm and a leg.

Laundry: Hotels vs. Corporate Housing

Then there is the laundry situation. Certainly, your hotel may offer a laundry service where it does the laundry once a week, but that costs a small fortune as well.

How much better to live in one of the Inglewood, California, furnished rentals that we can provide for you. All our furnished rentals have fully fitted kitchens, laundry facilities, high speed broadband, fresh bedding, designer furniture, cable TV, housekeeping services, parking, as well as access to swimming pools, hot tubs, and exercise facilities. They are available as one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom corporate rentals, and three-bedroom corporate suites and are located in prime Inglewood residential areas. Some of them will also accept pets, so you can bring your dog or cat.

What’s more, when you live in one of our Inglewood, California, furnished rentals, you can come and go as you please. If you make some friends, which no doubt you will, you can invite them round for dinner or to a party, and you get to choose what to eat each day rather than select from a hotel menu. Oh, and the beer and wine is a lot cheaper too!

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