Key Housing Announces Featured Corporate Housing Close to Sacramento Downtown and State Capitol

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April 8, 2022 – Sacramento, CA. Key Housing, a top-rated corporate housing service for all of California including Sacramento Counties is proud to announce its Sacramento featured listing for April to be “The Landing at College Square.” The apartment complex offers short-term corporate housing that is convenient to Sacramento’s bustling downtown and the government complex at the State Capitol.Sacramento corporate housing near downtown and the State Capitol

“Sacramento is, of course, the seat of government in California and many business travelers come to do business with our great state,” explained Bob Lee, President of Key Housing. “We’ve selected ‘The Landing at College Square’ for April 2022 to showcase a best-in-class property just minutes from downtown and the California state capitol.”

Persons who want to view the Sacramento winner for April 2022 can visit it at That page summarizes the amenities and showcases its best-in-class short-term and corporate rental opportunities. The location allows for fast access to the Blue Line Light Rail system in Sacramento as well as main thoroughfares such as I-80, I-5, I-99, which in turn makes stressful commutes a thing of the past. Easy access to the California State Capitol is also assured. Persons who want to learn more about Sacramento can also visit the Sacramento page  which explains that the State Capital is known as the “City of Trees,” it has more trees per capita than any city in the United States. The biggest drawback, as is true in all of California, is finding hard-to-find corporate housing in Sacramento near the State Capitol. Fortunately, the experts at Key Housing have in-depth and up-to-the-minute knowledge on where hard-to-find corporate housing is.


Here is background on this release. California is running an immense budget surplus and rapidly recovering from the Pandemic. The state is called the “Golden State” for a reason, and Sacramento is its capital. Business travelers are thus flocking to the city, looking to do business with the government of California and/or the newly rising wealth in the city. As the wealth of the San Francisco Bay Area expands, a new technology center is rising not just in Sacramento but in the counties to its East, such as Folsom. The obstacle might be finding corporate housing but corporate travelers from out of state and indeed overseas can rely on Key Housing to identify excellent properties each month on its blog, and – even better – to work one-on-one to find the right short-term rental in Sacramento or in nearby communities like Folsom.


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