Key Housing Announces Featured Sonoma County Complex for December 2021 Focused on Corporate Rental Opportunities

Solano County corporate rentals

Vacaville, California – November 22, 2021. Key Housing, a corporate housing service serving California from Bakersfield to Eureka is proud to announce its Solano County designee for featured listing for December 2021. Solano County corporate rentalsWith the California economy and international travel bouncing back, the company is highlighting a Northern California complex that is ideal for the busy corporate traveler.

“Many of our existing clients in Europe and the UK are thrilled at the re-opening of international travel,” explained Bob Lee, President of Key Housing. “A tidal wave of new business opportunities is coming to the Bay Area but business travelers are confronting a hard-to-find market for short term corporate housing. Our featured designee for Solano County draws attention to a property that is ideal for busy business travelers.”

Interested persons can visit the listing at That information page showcases the features of this outstanding property. For example, the complex features not only a well-appointed fitness center but also a refreshing pool. It is thus ideal for those business travelers who want to stay physically fit after a demanding day doing business in Northern California. Moreover the location at 1000 Allison Drive in Vacaville is ideal for travel to and from major attractions in Solano County. For example, it is just minutes from downtown Vacaville and from a major Kaiser Permanente Center. It is also convenient to Interstate 80, making it quick to go north towards the “College Town” of Davis California or south to Fairfield or Vallejo. It’s not surprising that many intrepid business travelers who are returning to the Bay Area for the first time in a few years are excited to identify this type of property.

That said, availability varies by day and cannot be guaranteed. Those who want to browse online are referred to the Vacaville information page which identities other properties that might be a good fit for Vacaville corporate housing opportunities. And, indeed, the smartest travelers let the experts at Key Housing do the work for them. A simple email or call can start a relationship, thus leveraging the “inside knowledge” that Key Housing has about finding hard-to-find housing in and around Vacaville and all of Solano county.


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