Key Housing Connections, Leader in San Diego’s Serviced Apartments, Announces New Post about ‘Fishing for Accommodations’

October 1, 2017 – San Diego, California. Key Housing, one of the top services to find hard-to-find short-term, corporate, and/or serviced apartment rentals in San Diego, is proud to announce a new post for Europeans on holiday or business in Southern California.

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The post uses the metaphor of ‘fishing’ for a short-term rental, since searching for San Diego serviced apartments may seem like fishing a large ocean with few fish. Finding the right long-term furnished apartment may be difficult if Europeans don’t know how to search properly.

“Southern California is a very popular place to visit for work or play, especially coastline communities such as San Diego,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “For those planning a short-term stay, finding a nice place can feel like trying to fish in a vast ocean without a radar. That’s why our new post highlights how easy it is to spot the right serviced apartment for visitors. Indeed, we highlight Avalon Fashion Valley as our featured San Diego listing for October as one of those places.”

To review the informative yet funny blog post, visit visit To read about options in California, including San Diego serviced apartments or furnished rentals, visit the website. And, to review Key Housing’s featured property of the month, Avalon Fashion Valley, visit that website as well.


Here is background on this announcement. Europeans traveling to San Diego on business or holiday may have been fooled by property managers offering empty apartments as serviced apartments. Once a European has committed and found the apartment unfurnished or sparsely furnished upon arrival, it may be too late to cancel an agreement. A proper serviced apartment to Europeans can also be called a furnished apartment in American lingo. Finding a truly professional serviced apartment unit in San Diego may be akin to fishing for Pacific mackerel in a vast ocean. The fish may be right under the water, yet without the proper radar system, it can continue to be elusive.

For this reason, and to support Europeans in a search for a proper San Diego serviced apartments, Key Housing Connections has announced a new blog post and a new featured property for October, Avalon Fashion Valley. This property has been noted as a place of interest for European visitors on business or holiday. Steps away from shopping and dining, the San Diego serviced apartment units could provide the proper accommodations. If a European has decided to go fishing or explore the aquatic seaside lifestyle during a visit, charter services and Seaworld can be found minutes away. Europeans planning to visit San Diego for a short-term stay may be happy to hear contacting a professional serviced apartment supplier can help in ‘hooking the right one.’

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