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Simi Valley is in the southeast corner of Ventura County, California, about 40 miles from downtown LA. For corporate rentals in Simi Valley, it’s Key Housing.It’s home to the Ronald Reagan library and known more and more for the movie industry. If you are coming to Simi Valley on business for a few weeks or even a few months, and you are looking for Simi Valley short-term corporate rentals, they are not the easiest things in the world to find. In fact, some people have been known to give up looking and settle for a hotel which, unfortunately, is going to cost an arm and a leg. Not only that, you may get a very nice room, but living in a single room for weeks or months is absolutely no fun whatsoever.

With Simi Valley short-term corporate rentals, you effectively have a home of your own. Most corporate rentals have their own parking space which comes with the home, but which a hotel charges extra for. You can come and go as you please, and you can cook your own meals in exactly the same ay that you do at home. Buying food and preparing your own meals will save a fortune over hotel prices. As for drinks, in a hotel you’ll probably pay as much for two gin and tonics as you would for a whole bottle of gin in a liquor store.

Other Advantages to Using Us for Corporate Rentals

There are other advantages in using us to find Simi Valley short-term corporate rentals, such as the fact that you can have a full housekeeping service in the same way as you would in a hotel, but the cost will be far less. The point is that you can have the same service, but with much more room to spread out and relax, and save money at the same time.

Some of our corporate rentals come with a swimming pool, hot tubs, gym access, and so on. You also get laundry equipment so that you can do your own laundry as you would at home rather than going out to a laundromat.

Corporate rentals in Simi Valley will save you a fortune over hotel prices, but perhaps more importantly you will have a place that you can call you own. You can invite guests for dinner and do everything else that you normally do.

The problem is, as we have said, finding the right corporate rentals for your purpose. At Key Housing, we have a wide choice of corporate rentals in Simi Valley, and many of them are never advertised elsewhere. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll find the perfect property for you.

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