Key Housing, Leading Providers of Serviced Apartments in San Diego and all of San Diego County, Announces New Blog Posts and July Featured Listing

San Diego, California – June 30, 2018. Key Housing Connections, California’s leading service to locate serviced apartments or furnished apartments in San Diego and all of San Diego county, is proud to announce three new posts to its blog on the city as well as the featured listing for July, 2018. San Diego Serviced ApartmentPersons intending to visit San Diego on a short term basis turn to Key Housing for guidance and insider tips on how to find housing and how to find the best housing on a short term basis across the Golden State.

“Our job is to help busy renters find short term housing in Southern California, including the city and county of San Diego,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “By announcing new posts to our blog as well as a featured complex for July, we’re working in a digital way to help persons find short term housing, including furnished or so-called serviced apartments in San Diego.”

To read the new blog posts about “serviced apartments in San Diego,” visit (A summary of key posts is issued below as part of this release). To view the July’s featured complex for short term or serviced apartments, visit The complex, called the Allegro, is located at 1455 Kettner Blvd, San Diego. It should be noted, however, that given the tight housing market in San Diego, availability cannot be guaranteed. Persons looking for short term housing in San Diego are urged to reach out to representatives of Key Housing for assistance as many listings evaporate within hours or days of being listed.


Here is a background on this announcement. Anyone planning a trip to San Diego and looking for furnished or so-called serviced apartment is best advised to have a strategy. First, they can visit the up-to-date Key Housing blog. One new post, for example, is entitled, “There’s A Shortage Of Short Term Corporate Housing In San Diego, But We Can Help,” and explains insider tips, tricks, and resources to help persons locate hard-to-find housing opportunities in Southern California. A second post to the blog is entitled, “Allegro Towers is San Diego Corporate Housing Raised to a New Level,” and showcases the many amenities at the Allegro Towers. Throughout the blog and through its activity each money of identifying tips, tricks, and hard-to-find San Diego featured apartment complexes, Key Housing brings to the digital world the expertise of one of California’s best services to find housing amidst the California housing crunch. Second, persons who then want to take the next step should reach out to a rental specialist because by working one-on-one they can pounce on any new opportunities the moment they arise. Third, throughout the strategy should be based on self-education and working with experts as many efforts are necessary to score a “home run” and find short term serviced apartments in San Diego.


Based in Folsom, California, Key Housing Connections Inc. specializes in corporate housing and corporate rentals in large cities like San Diego, San Francisco or Los Angeles as well as smaller cities like Carlsbad, Studio City and Glendale. Key Housing is a leader in affordable, friendly, short-term serviced apartments in places like San Francisco, Ontario, Costa Mesa and just about every city in California. Whether it’s furnished apartments or serviced corporate housing, just search, click or call today!

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