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Set in the middle of the San Joaquin Valley, Fresno is the fifth largest city in California with a population of just over half a million. It is also in the center of a very large vegetable and fruit growing area which has mild, moist winters, and summers that are hot and dry. Fresno Corporate HousingIt is a popular tourist spot as the temperature rarely drops below freezing on more than one or two days a year. Fresno is the Spanish for “ash tree” and was named after the abundance of ash trees which line the banks of the San Joaquin River.

The Birthplace Of Your Credit Card

The city was founded in 1872 and was a railway station for the Central Pacific Railroad before being incorporated in 1885. Fresno is the birthplace of your credit card, for it was here in 1958 that Bank of America launched the BankAmericard credit card which subsequently became Visa.

If you are visiting Fresno on business, whether in the city center or to do business with one or more of the many farms in the area, your best bet is to take advantage of our Fresno corporate housing service. This way, you can stay in a home from home rather than in an expensive and impersonal hotel, and you can become one of the locals. Enjoy the locally grown vegetables, fruits, and wines that are grown and made in the Valley, and meet the friendly natives.

Extensive Contacts in the Fresno Apartment Market

We have extensive contacts with clients in the Fresno area and we can offer you a choice of short term rentals of Fresno corporate housing in everything from a one bed apartment to a five bed home outside the city in the beautiful countryside.

There is plenty to do and see around the area when you are away from the office or meeting the local farmers on business. One thing that may surprise you is a visit to the Forestiere Underground Gardens. Baldassare Forestiere fled his home town of Sicily and arrived here in 1901 when he set about digging a maze of underground tunnels, gardens, patios, and grottos in his spare time. He worked for 40 years and had no plan, each area being created as he went. Today you can see fruit trees such as lemons, oranges, and grapefruits being grown underground.

You can also take a trip to Yosemite National Park which is only 60 miles away, as is Kings Canyon National Park. You could visit the Fresno zoo, or you can spend a day shopping in River Park Mall which has 75 shops and opened in 1996.

So if you are coming to the area and need Fresno corporate housing just give us a call on 800-989-0410 and let us know what you need and when you need it. Trust Key Housing Connections to have all the right connections and find the ideal corporate housing for you.

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