Long Beach Corporate Housing Leader, Key Housing, Announces Post on the ‘Value-Add’ of Extended Stay Corporate Apartments

Long Beach, California – December 27, 2016. Key Housing, one of the top corporate housing services in Long Beach, California, is proud to announce a post concerning the value-add of extended stay apartments. Contracted employees or executives flying in to conduct business in Long Beach and nearby Southern California communities can cost companies thousands in hotel stays and miscellaneous expenses. Long Beach Corporate RentalsCorporate housing can provide contracted employees with a fully-furnished apartment to help lower daily expenses and provide a more “at home” feel to their stay in the city.

“Long Beach is one of our busy hubs for visiting executives, medical contractors and other out-of-town employees,” explained Robert Lee, President of Key Housing. “Many times, a business has come to us only after they’ve had contractors stay at a hotel. The hotel may have seemed like a cheap idea at the time, but then the extra expenses arrive and CEO’s realize little bills add up fast. In addition, the employees often actually prefer ‘apartment style’ living to the sterile and impersonal environment of a hotel.”

Accordingly, the company has updated its listings for Long Beach, just in time for the post-Holiday rush as businesses seek out hard-to-find rentals in Los Angeles county. Interested parties can review the updated page of Long Beach rentals.  Information about furnished short-term apartments and studio rentals for Long Beach and the surrounding area can be found. Many extended stay properties may include gourmet kitchens, gyms, outdoor barbecue, pools and customer care centers. In addition, those interested in fun things to do and local attractions can visit the updated blog listings at http://staging.mcshanellc.com/keyhousing/tag/long-beach-corporate-housing/.

Value-Add Extended Stay and the Best Deal in Corporate Housing for Long Beach, CA

Keeping company expenses in the black can be a top priority for a company CEO. Services offering extra benefits at a reasonable cost may be known as a “value-add” to corporate leaders. If part of a business model includes housing temporary employees, value-add solutions can be the key goal. Extended-stay hotels may seem like a smart idea, until the extra expenses begin to arrive. Daily charges such as laundry, parking fees and restaurant expenses can add up quickly. An employee could be spending more than what is normally spent at home. Long Beach corporate housing could be the cost-effective solution extended stay employees need.

Key Housing, a corporate housing service for Southern and Northern California locations, has just updated its Long Beach information in time for 2017. Extended stay apartments for temporary employees can offer cost-saving amenities that add up over time. A fully-functioning kitchen may encourage employees to stay in and cook rather than dine out. Easy access to laundry and gym facilities could also help cut down transportation and parking fees. Small daily expenses can add up to become budget-busting issues. Furnished apartments with full kitchens and other on-site conveniences can bring a great value-add to temporary corporate housing.

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