Many Europeans On Short Term Contract To Silicon Valley Use Santa Clara Serviced Apartments

Many people from Europe are posted to Silicon Valley on short term contracts, often to Google, Apple, and Facebook, all of whom have their headquarters here. Serviced apartments in Santa Clara.However, there are other companies based here too, such as Chevron, Wells Fargo, and Visa. Some interesting statistics are the current market caps of these giants – Apple out in the lead at $868 billion, but Google’s parent company Alphabet not so far behind at $714 billion. Facebook is at $517 billion, Wells Fargo is at $264 billion, Visa $252 billion, and Chevron at “only” $221 billion. You do have to feel sorry for Chevron, don’t you?

Most of these companies have visiting contractors performing various functions for them, as do a lot of the smaller Silicon Valley enterprises, and they all need somewhere to stay while they are here. Many of them choose Santa Clara serviced apartments because they are right where people need them to be.

Plenty To See And Do in Santa Clara & Silicon Valley

Not only that, there is plenty to do in Santa Clara in your time off work. There are tons of things to see and do in Santa Clara, such as the Winchester Mystery House once owned by Sarah Winchester – she of the rifle family. What about the Ulistac Natural Area – 40 acres of no less than seven distinctive habitats restored to preserve the natural California landscape and wildlife?

Then there’s the South Bay Historical Railroad Society with a huge collection of historical railroad artifacts, or perhaps you would prefer to pay a visit to the Fire Museum showing firefighting memorabilia that has been around since 1855.

You could also go to California’s Great America which has the most water rides and kids’ rides in the whole of Northern California. Ideal for keeping the kids happy at the weekend.


Restaurants? There’s the Smoking Pig Barbecue Company, The Fish Market, Bill’s American Café, along with 118 Italian restaurants, 136 Chinese, 105 Indian, 121 Japanese, 77 Seafood, 123 Pizza, 169 Mexican, and 31 Steakhouses. Is that enough for you? Even if your contract was for a year you would never be able to visit them all!

Yes, there is a lot going on in Santa Clara which is why so many European visitors to Silicon Valley want to stay there. Of course, this means a great demand for Santa Clara serviced apartments which is why you might find it difficult to locate what you need.

However, the good news is that at Key Housing Connections we probably have a larger selection of Santa Clara serviced apartments than any other company. This is because we have been in the business of providing corporate housing and serviced apartments for very many years, and as a result we have built up a rapport with many landlords in the city. Give us a call on (800) 989-0410 and we will be sure to have the ideal serviced apartment for you.

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