Marina Del Rey Is a Great Town but Finding Corporate Housing Not So Much

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There is no better place than Marina Del Rey for the “stereotypical” SoCal lifestyle. It’s got beautiful weather, beaches, and just the right mix of restaurants and amenities. If you’re lucky enough to have a corporate assignment near or in Marina Del Rey, at Key Housing we can help you to find corporate housing.

Marina Del Rey is not a huge town, but what it does have is a huge harbor which is a major boating and water recreation destination of the greater Los Angeles area. In fact, the harbor, which is the largest man-made small boat harbour in the US, can hold approximately 5,000 small boats – and that’s a lot! As a town, Marina Del Rey has a population of about 9,750, so there are probably more people on the boats than in the town itself.

Finding Corporate Housing Can Be Difficult

However, that also means that finding Marina Del Rey corporate housing can be difficult, because there are not all that many homes and apartments to rent. That is a pity, because if you are on assignment to Los Angeles, Marina Del Rey is easy to get to and has lovely beaches and just the right mix of restaurants, bars, and other amenities.

For instance, if you are the sporty type you can head over to Action Watersports and rent a kayak, surfboard, paddle board or sea bob and simply spend the day messing about in the water. If your other half isn’t too keen, she can have a picnic on Marina Beach.

Take a stroll down Venice Boardwalk which starts in Marina Del Rey and goes all the way to Santa Monica pier. There are lots of stores and food stands. There are street performers, dancing, music, and performance art, and loads of shops, restaurants, bars, and lots of sun. Venice Canal is a historic district with canals that were built to recreate the atmosphere of the real Venice in Italy and there is a lot of history behind them and things to learn about. You can sit on the bridge and take in the sun, far away from the hustle and bustle of LA itself.

However, as we said, finding Marina Del Rey corporate housing can be difficult, but at Key Housing we are in a position to help you. That’s because we have been in the business of renting out Marina Del Rey corporate housing or many years and we have access to apartments and homes that are not advertised on the open market. Let us know what you want, when, and for how long, and we will find you the perfect accommodation.

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