Politicking in Sacramento? Here are Some Tips on Corporate Housing

Sacramento Corporate Apartments

Sacramento, capital of California, has its share of politics and politicking. Dictionary.com defines ‘politicking’ as activity undertaken for political reasons or ends, as campaigning for votes before an election, making speeches, etc., or otherwise promoting oneself or one’s policies. A related activity is lobbying – going to the seat of government to make one’s case, whether a business politicking to get some government contracts or a non-profit or political action committee politicking to get Sacramento to do what it wants.

Politicking, Lobbying and Finding Great Housing in Sacramento

Politicking and lobbying are American traditions as native as Apple Pie and the Golden Hills of California. We get quite a few corporate types coming to Sacramento to politick, and looking to us as the experts in Sacramento corporate housing. We want to alert readers of this blog that if they come to Northern California to politick, they don’t have to be stuck for weeks on end in a bland hotel. They can politick in style by finding some nifty corporate housing near the California State Capital.

Corporate Housing in Sacramento, CaliforniaHere are two great choices for inexpensive housing near the Sacramento state capitol –

  • Fremont Mews (1400 P Street, Sacramento, CA).  This community is a landmark of urban design and a new concept in apartment living. Showcasing brand new studios, one, and two bedroom flats located at the corner of 14th and P in downtown Sacramento. This property features custom interior finishes, a designer stainless appliance package, exceptionally high ceilings and expansive windows.
  • Linq Midtown (3111 S Street Sacramento, CA). This is a luxurious collection of studio, one- and two-bedroom apartment residences in the heart of midtown Sacramento. Designed to appeal to your sense of style and sophistication, the community offers signature finishes, open spaces and abundant natural light.

Fun Facts about Sacramento: Capital vs. Capitol

  • Did you know that Capital with an “A” means the city and that Capitol with an “O” means the building?
  • Did you know that there are some issues with the foundation and bricks in the state capitol because, when originally built… they cut some corners?
  • Did you know that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger had a special tent outside the capitol, so he could smoke cigars (and do some politicking of his own)?

While you’re visiting the capital of California or the capitol building, be sure to visit the Capitol Museum, official museum of the California State Capitol in Sacramento, California.

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