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Sacramento is not going to turn into the Bay Area anytime soon (we hope not, fingers crossed). While Sacramento is no longer the cow-town it once was, the good news is that excellent Sacramento corporate rentals are available Sacramento Corporate Rentalsto those who will make some relatively modest efforts to do their research, and plan ahead. As with most things, the early bird get the worm! But those birds who like to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock once (or even twice) can still obtain decent Sacramento corporate rentals. Just don’t get too complacent: When the legislature is in session are army of lobbyists come to town hunting down Sacramento corporate rentals.

Sacramento Corporate Rentals: Could Be Better, Could be Raining

California has always been a little upside-down compared to the rest of the United States, but things are even more topsy-turvy because of the long-running drought the state is experiencing. We love sunny weather, but what we’d really love is to see some rain falling on our Sacramento corporate rentals. Though California has long been associated with images of watery abundance–green lawns and swimming pools–a new set of rules have come into force. Since you’re likely coming from out-of-state, a word about the mandatory water restrictions: Inhabitants of Sacramento corporate rentals will need to be prepared to abide by the same regulations as permanent residents of the state. As a favor, could you bring some jugs of water with you when you arrive?

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