San Diego Short Term Rentals Are Home Base on a Business Trip or a Vacation

Here’s an interesting puzzle: Come up with a complaint about the San Diego climate. Paucity of hailstorms? Insufficiently muggy? Lack of smog makes inhaler less useful? Infrequent city-wide floods denies you the opportunity of getting a helicopter rescue? Afraid this is just too hard for me!

San Diego Short Term Rentals are for Business and Pleasure

Because of it’s perfect weather, San Diego has been and will remain a national and global San Diego Short Term Rentalsvacation hot spot.  At the same time, corporations love to have their conferences here. So it becomes not a choice between business or pleasure, but a happy combination of business and pleasure.

San Diego Short Term Rentals: Come for the Weather, Stay for the Weather

San Diego is the city with the “perfect weather”. Very seldom too hot, very seldom too cold; mostly just right, thanks to the moderating influence of the Pacific. Over 320 sunny days a year (when counting days that have at least some sun). And this is sun you can use; thanks to the southerly latitude, there are plenty of daylight hours after work to employ those rays. Or if you are in town for work, there’s daylight after the meetings and conferences to enjoy yourself in your free time. Now what is holding you back from a San Diego short term rental?

In regard to San Diego short term rentals it’s hard not to keep piling on the superlatives. The beaches of course, miles of them. The location is great (which is everything in real estate, right?). Close to Mexico, close–but not too close–to Los Angeles, close to the Inland Empire. Mountain parks and desert parks are nearby. Right there in the city is the port, the Navy base. Plenty of cultural, sporting and family entertainment venues. Just knowing this much, it doesn’t seem like you could go wrong with a San Diego short term rental.

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