San Diego Short Term Rentals Checklist For An Endless Summer

The Beach Boys probably never needed San Diego short term rentals; they lived in California after all. For them just a simple matter of grabbing their long-boards and heading down to the beach. But if you want an “endless summer” experience, you are going to have to plan ahead. San Diego short term rentals of apartments and corporate housing are popular, for reasons pretty easy to understand. Perfect weather, perfect location. Those who plan ahead will get the most desirable apartments, so to chill later you might have to sweat a little now. Research the possible San Diego short term rentals ahead of time, the earlier the better. You can browse all of our San Diego short term rentals here.San Diego Corporate Housing

San Diego Short Term Rentals: Good Vibrations

Let’s assume you implemented the plan given above, and have moved into one of those San Diego short term rentals. I promised a checklist for creating your very own “endless summer” while living here, so here it is:

First, you need a beach blanket.
Second, you need sunblock.

There you go! So easy! All the work was front-loaded, now relax. At the beach the good vibrations are easy to find, don’t over-think it. The only bad vibrations will from your cell phone. Heck, just turn it off! I’m sure your boss won’t mind waiting until tomorrow.

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