San Diego Short Term Rentals: Close to Fun Things to Do!

San Diego is the home of perfect weather and golden beaches. These days there’s nobody who doesn’t want a piece of San Diego. With such a beautiful locale and balmy weather San Diego continues to attract businesses who are looking for that perfect Pacific Rim location. With hundreds of attractions (outdoor and indoor) to choose from you’ll never be bored in your San Diego short term rental.

San Diego Short Term Rental: Fun Outdoor Activities

While in your San Diego short term rental why not take
advantage of the beautiful California weather! Here are some things to do in San Diego, California:

USS Midway Aircraft: The USS Midway was commissioned only San Diego Short Term Rentalsshortly after the end of World War II and served for 47 years! Now it has been converted to an open air floating museum. With a fascinating history and fun activities the USS Midway is a great experience for young and old alike.

San Diego Zoo: This zoo is always fun to visit, and the San Diego Zoo goes above and beyond. From the elegant tigers to the adorable panda bears you won’t be bored exploring here! You can also take a gondola across the view for a beautiful aerial view of the view and San Diego itself.

Hit the beach!: There is sure to be a beach just a hop and a skip from your San Diego short term rental. If you’re looking for a relaxing and easy day then head down to the sand with a towel and your favorite book and soak in the sun!

Ready to go? Browse Our Short Term Rentals in San Diego, California

With beautiful weather, a beautiful city, and some great San Diego short term rentals, what excuse is there not to go? If the activities listed above are not for you there is always plenty to do in San Diego. And there is guaranteed to be a fun time only a short time from your San Diego short term rental! From retired warships to reticulated pythons, San Diego has it all! You can browse all of our San Diego short term rentals here.

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