San Diego Weather Makes for Perfect Short Term Rentals in San Diego County

With regard to San Diego short term rentals it’s hard not to keep piling on the superlatives. The beaches of course, miles of them. The location is great (which is everything in real estate, right?). Close to Mexico, close–but not too close–to Los Angeles, close to the Inland Empire. Mountain parks and desert parks are nearby. Right there in the city is the port, the Navy base. Plenty of cultural, sporting and family entertainment venues. Just knowing this much, it doesn’t seem like you could go wrong with a San Diego short term rental.

San Diego Short Term Rentals: Did I Mention The Weather?

san-diego-oceanSan Diego is the city with the “perfect weather“. Very seldom too hot, very seldom too cold; mostly just right, thanks to the moderating influence of the Pacific. Over 320 sunny days a year (when counting days that have at least some sun). And this is sun you can use; thanks to the southerly latitude, there are plenty of daylight hours after work to employ those rays (note to self: check out surfboard rental rates). It is true that the deserts have more sun, but they also can boil your brains; not so much fun. Now what is holding you back from a San Diego short term rental?

Perhaps you need a reason to be here, a short term job.  Given the attractiveness of the location and the climate, San Diego continues to draw in all manner businesses who want that along with the “perfect” Pacific Rim location. So there are plenty of opportunities for needing to work in the San Diego area for a period, so if you are lucky enough to be sent this way, our network of San Diego short term rental properties certainly has something right for you.

That One Itty-Bitty Teeny-Tiny Detail

Now if I were forced to write that last paragraph while holding the Gourd of Truth (it’s really quite an attractive thing, with an interesting variegated coloring) compelling me tell the Whole Truth, as in a court of law, I would be required to mention June Gloom, those low clouds that come on-shore in the very early part of summer.  They are a bummer, but there are hoodies for sale to keep you cozy while you relax in your San Diego short term rental binge-watching Game of Thrones for that brief period. No worries!

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