San Francisco Corporate Housing Needs To Be Booked Now, Or Be Prepared To Sleep on a Cot at the Y

From the far side of the Golden Gate bridge San Francisco appears lovely, and peaceful. In this instance, appearances are most definitely deceiving. There’s no denying that San Francisco is lovely, but it is even more lively than lovely, and by that I mean crawling San Francisco Corporate and Short Term Rentalslike an anthill with interns looking for San Francisco corporate housing. And here’s the problem–you are on the wrong side of the bridge if you are not already hunting for housing.

San Francisco Corporate Housing: Birds of a Feather

As happens every year, the swallows have come to Capistrano, and the interns are flocking to San Francisco. No mystery why, the Bay Area is where the high-technology action is. Getting an internship here can be a stepping-stone to future employment. If you are looking to become an intern, the time to start looking for San Francisco corporate housing is now, or even better yesterday! Emily Dickinson wrote that ‘hope’ was a thing with feathers, but ‘hope’ is not a plan. If you are without a place to stay, then a hunt for San Francisco corporate housing needs to be bumped up to the top of your priority list.

Flock of Seagulls

If you are not internship-seeking, then be prepared for the high demand. The intern crowd no doubt looks to you like a flock of greedy seagulls, all screaming “mine, mine, mine”, over the very limited San Francisco corporate housing supply. Perhaps discretion is the better part of valor. Does you absolutely need to be in San Francisco in the summer? If you can wait until September, the housing will ease up somewhat.

Getting San Francisco corporate housing isn’t easy, but neither does it have to be a nightmare. The key things are: inquire early, and be patient. Yes, time is of the essence, so do not delay, get it done. Then you can relax, light some incense, and wait. Meanwhile we will put our extensive network of San Francisco corporate housing units on alert to find a location that matches your needs.

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