San Jose Corporate Rentals: Live Like a King

Through history there have been many failed contenders to the thrones of kings. An upstart duke, or a cousin from the next kingdom over. It usually ends badly for them, as the king usually has the foresight to surround himself with men of arms, usually very, very sharp arms. A “cut-throat” business indeed.

San Diego Corporate HousingThe modern-day technology business is not quite as brutal. Yet a similar fate, at least metaphorically, awaits challengers to the current “king” of technology, San Jose and the Silicon Valley. These locations continue to be the world leaders of computer and software high-technology, and technology funding. All of which serves to explain why San Jose corporate rentals are in such desperately short supply.

Pretenders to the Throne of Silicon Valley, California

Other regions within the U.S. have made serious strides in developing their respective tech offerings. Austin has attracted many companies, and some of the biggest companies are betting on Seattle. And guess what: They are having housing issues now as well, long-term as well as short-term.  As a somewhat perverse point of pride, we can still hold up the “We’re #1” banner, as the local market for Silicon Valley / San Jose corporate rentals is still the hottest in the nation, meaning it can be the hardest in terms of finding a suitable placement.

Overseas the situation is similar. India is striving mightily to get up to speed, supporting technology development in Bangalore, and London has it’s own technology hub (but it is so huge a  city, the hub doesn’t create that big a splash). Tel Aviv is an often overlooked center of tech, which has been slowly coming into it’s own the last few years. Again, each site may have it’s housing challenges, but it’s worse with San Jose corporate rentals.

San Jose Corporate Rentals: Start Looking Yesterday

But all said and done, the “Valley” remains the center of the universe for all things “tech”. As a consequence housing, of all types, is expensive and in great demand. And in particular the supply of Silicon Valley / San Jose corporate housing is very tight. Over the past twenty one years, Key Housing has developed relationships throughout the region, and is well equipped to assist individuals or companies with their housing needs. Because of this high demand, prices are correspondingly high, but not quite to the level of a king’s ransom yet.

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