San Jose Short Term Housing Is Not Easy To Find Unless You Have The Right Connections – As We Do

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If you are looking for San Jose short term housing as a result of a business trip – or for any other reason – you will find that your choices are very limited if you try to do it on your own.Shortage of San Jose short term housing.


Because San Jose is the “capital” of Silicon Valley, and the city is constantly visited by outsiders who need to be here for a few weeks or a few months on business working at, or with, one of the many high tech companies that abound here. While the population of the city is over a million – it is the third largest city in California – there is not a lot of spare housing.

However, at Key Housing we have been instrumental in providing San Jose short term housing for very many years, and we have developed relationships with many landlords who specialize in letting properties for the short term. These landlords – and landladies – let their properties to visiting business people because they can make money from so doing – obviously – but many of them no longer do so on what might be described as the “open market” because they have no way of knowing what sort of tenants they would be getting.

They Prefer To Rent Their Properties Through Us

Instead, they prefer to rent their properties through us because they have got to know us over the years and they know that we will only point prospective tenants in their direction such as yourselves who are reliable. This is key. They want to let their San Jose short term housing properties to people who will take care of them and not abuse the privilege.

As a result, over the years we have built up a relationship with a large number of property owners who wish to let them for San Jose short term housing. This means that when you need to come to the city and stay for anything from a couple of weeks to a year or more we are able to provide you with the housing that you need in the area that you wish to stay in. It’s convenient for your work, and you can stay in some of the best residential areas in your choice of property. Everybody wins.

We can offer you short term rentals in properties that you will simply find nowhere else if you go looking by yourself. These are one, two, or three bedroom apartments or houses, most of which have private parking, fully fitted kitchens, distinguished furnishings, and are located in quiet areas where you can live life in the same way that you would at home. You can also have housekeeping services, and many are pet friendly. What could be better?

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