Santa Monica: Escape to the Beach, Return to a Furnished Rental

We love Santa Monica! Why? Well, first of all because Santa Monica is on the beach. And as anyone who has ever visited Los Angeles knows, being close to the beach is where you want to be! Secondly, Santa Monica has some of the most incredible restaurants available, and many of those are just a stone’s throw from the beach. Third, there’s the beach itself. It’s great for sightseeing, and if you’re into exercising like jogging or swimming in the ocean, there are always things to do in Santa Monica at the beach.

But, of course we had key housing, are pretty serious. Many of our clients are business travelers or people who are being relocated, and they are coming to Santa MoniSanta Monica Furnished Apartmentsca or Los Angeles for serious reasons. Perhaps your company has reassigned you to Southern California. Or perhaps you’re buying a new home and you need to have temporary housing while you look for a house in the Los Angeles area. Or perhaps your traveler from Europe, and you want to be able to stay in Santa Monica for an extended period of time.

Finding a Furnished Rental in Santa Monica (Near the Beach, Please)

No matter why you’re coming to Santa Monica, we want to prepare you. It’s one of the most fun communities in Southern California, it’s really beautiful, and to make it even more awesome it’s very close to everything in Los Angeles. So if you’re thinking of coming to Santa Monica you have everything going for you accept one important thing: furniture.

Your options are to rent a hotel room and drive yourself stir crazy in a tiny hotel room for days and days on end, or you can use key housing and fine them great furnished rentals in Santa Monica. Those furnished rentals will allow you to have a home away from home, and what you can do then is go to the beach, have fun, and return to your furnished rental in Santa Monica.

Or you can have a hard day at the office and go to the beach (do you see a theme here?), and then return to your furnished rental. Our job at Key Housing Concepts is to scour the very tight rental market in Los Angeles County, including Santa Monica, and identify the best properties for furnished rentals. Then we wrap them up with a big bow, and put them out so you can find them, and you can have the best of both worlds

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