Stockton Short-Term Housing Is a Lot Better Than a Hotel Room

The city of Stockton in California sits between the Bay Area and Sacramento in the San Joaquin Valley and has a population of about 315,000. Stockton short term housingIt is known as an “ag” town and also has several universities including California State University, Stanislaus, and Humphreys University.

If business brings you to Stockton for any longer than a week or so, don’t do the “hotel thing” and live out of suitcase for weeks on end in a cramped hotel room. It’s no fun at all. Apart from the fact that everything is the same, it is also very expensive.

Instead, live like a local in some Stockton short-term housing which we can find for you at Key Housing. Whether you need a one-bedroom apartment, two-bedroom, three-bedroom corporate suite, or a single-family home, we have accommodation available for Stockton short-term housing in some of the finest residential areas in the city. If you want to bring the dog, we have pet friendly landlords too.

Live As You Would At Home in Stockton!

Short-term housing is the answer for those needing somewhere to stay that is far less expensive than a hotel and allows you to live as you would at home. You can come and go as you please, cook your own meals, and if you make some friends in Stockton – which we are sure you will because the locals are a friendly bunch – you can invite them round for dinner or drinks any time you wish.

Our Stockton short-term housing has everything that you would expect from a hotel and much more. Top quality furnishings are provided, cable TV, high speed internet, fitted kitchens with everything you need except the food, fresh bedding, housekeeping, and more. Some of the properties have a pool and hot tubs, and also access to a gym. Where you have a home with a yard, you can laze in the sun all weekend and organize a barbecue. There is a lot to be said for short-term housing when compared with hotel life.

There is also plenty to do in Stockton on your days off. If you are bringing the kids with you there is Stockton Children’s Museum with Kidsworld covering 22,000 square feet which is a child’s version of a miniature city complete with banks, grocery stores, a post office, and more.

You can take the dog to Barkleyville Dog Park, which is a favorite with local dog owners, complete with an obstacle course and drinking fountains.

There is also a Japanese Garden at Micke Grove Park where you can wander among the cherry trees, and Stockton even has a Cambodian Buddhist Temple with statues encrusted with jewels. There are also a lot of festivals that take place throughout the year.

So if you are coming to Stockton and want short-term housing, call us at Key Housing with your needs.

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