The Invasion of San Francisco Corporate Housing (By Interns)

Hollywood loves to make movies in which havoc and ruin is visited upon the Golden State. Monsters, radioactive mutant insects, out-sized natural disasters. But there’s always room for more, so here’s another apocalyptic scenario to add to the genre: A quiet San Francisco street on a spring morning, flowers bending in a light breeze. But up from the bottom of the hill come shamboling hundreds of young, smartly dressed people (with just a few discrete tattoos) holding their arms out stiffly before them, clutching in their hands rental applications. They don’t want brains, they want San Francisco corporate housing! Oh the horror!

San Francisco Corporate Housing, and the Trouble with Tribbles

San Francisco Corporate HousingIt’s intern season, they’re everywhere. The lines at Starbucks are longer, the BART trains are packed tight. Street performers and mimes are disconcerted to find that someone is actually paying attention to them. You could toss some interns into the bay, but it feels kind of mean, and you know more would just spring up to take their place. Accept that they are here to stay. All areas of the Bay Area will feel the crunch as thousands of interns and Co-op employees arrive in for their summer programs. Does this mean that obtaining San Francisco corporate housing is just a dream?

The Key to Bay Area Survival is to Have a Plan

Getting San Francisco corporate housing doesn’t have to be a nightmare. The watchwords are: book early, and be patient.  Early, as in yesterday, or even better last week. Time is of the essence, so do not delay, get it done. Then you can relax, light some incense, and wait. Meanwhile we will put our extensive network of San Francisco corporate housing units on alert to find a location that matches your needs.

In addition to the issues around availability, also bear in mind that the cost of accommodations in California, especially the Bay Area, will continue to create challenges for anyone traveling here in the summer of 2015. It is one of the tightest housing markets in the country, and the prices reflect that fact.

Let me share with you a final terrible thought: What if these interns discover that they like the Bay Area, and want to come back? You know what that means?  Sequel! “Return of the Interns That Ate San Francisco Corporate Housing.”

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