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What’s edgy in Walnut Creek? Corporate spies? Ninjas/hackers draining intellectual property from nearby Silicon Valley in daring night-time raids? In truth, we do not mean to suggest inhabitants of Walnut Creek short term rentals do anything so exciting. Probably about the edgiest thing one can do there is brave the terrible traffic into the East Bay in Highway 24 at 7:00AM.Walnut Creek Short Term Rentals

Rather, the ‘edge’ here is the city’s status as an ‘edge city’, in the jargon of urban planners. It isnot exactly in the Bay Area (there is a range of hills that separates it from the San Francisco basin) but it is not exactly out of the Bay Area’s orbit either.

Walnut Creek Short Term Rentals: BART (Think Transit, Not Simpson)

If work requires you to be in the Bay Area, you probably already know the downside regarding housing. There is intense competition for rental units, too many people chasing too few units, and their very high expense when they do come available. So first do some pro/con analysis of San Francisco versus Walnut Creek short term rentals.

The advantage of being on the edge is highlighted by BART. The train can get you into the Bay Area quickly (and no need to fight traffic, big plus) while you can stay in Walnut Creek short term rentals. While there is still high demand, for these, you get a break both in terms of availability and price out on the periphery.

Every person’s needs are unique, but before reflexively deciding to hunt for housing in the white-hot San Francisco market, consider life on the edge. You can browse all of our Walnut Creek Short Term Rentals here.

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