5 Tips for Finding An Awesome San Francisco Short Term Rental

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Finding a short term rental in San Francisco is harder than ever. The Bay Area real estate market is incredibly tight, and if you are a corporate traveler being sent to San Francisco for a short-term assignment it can be tough to find a short term rental. You don’t want to stay in an expensive, and sterile hotel room, and Key Housing can give you options that are more “at home” in terms of where you stay.

Tip-by-Tip to a Short Term Rental in San Francisco

Our experts are giving you five tips to finding the best short term rental in San Francisco.

San Francisco Short Term Rental
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Tip #1. Start early! The market is very tight, so as soon as your boss decides to relocate you to San Francisco, please start looking immediately! We recommend at least a six month lead time, if possible. Use our website to request one of our friendly short-term experts to do the hard work for you.

Tip #2. Know your work location! San Francisco is not a huge city in terms of size, but transit can be crowded and, if possible, living close to your work location can make your short-term experience a breeze. However, neighborhoods vary, so if your work location is in one of the more industrial parts of the city, you may want to commute in.

Tip #3. Know your price point, and then double or triple it. If you are coming from a mid-Western city like Tulsa or Omaha, prepare to be shocked! Rents are very, very high in San Francisco, so prepare your boss, because for even a small unit you will pay a premium price. Our experts can help you find a unit within your budget range, with the caveat that everything is very expensive in San Francisco.

Tip #4. Think leisure time. You will not be working 24/7, and San Francisco is a wonderful city. So think about what you like to do in your leisure time. If you like the outdoors, you may want to be near Golden Gate Park. If you like culture, downtown may suit you better. If you like dogs, locating in the Marina is awesome because the Marina has a wide green space and a dog park. But whatever your leisure preferences are, think about that when selecting a short-term San Francisco rental opportunity.

Tip #5. Identify your apartment amenities. If you want a washer-dryer in the unit, or a pool, or a garage, or a gym, identify these “in advance,” so one of our friendly rental consultants can help you find properties that meet those needs.

If you have concerns about Key Housing, or just want to allow us to help you find the best corporate rentals in California, please call us at (800) 989-0410.

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