Short Term Rentals: Things to Think About

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We at key housing concepts are experts in short-term rentals. Our business is to scour the California rental market and identify the best properties for short-term rentals across communities in the state. Of course we have properties in the big cities such as Los Angeles or San Diego, but we also have many of the very best short-term rentals in cities that are small such as Tracy California or Eureka California.

the-thinkerMany of our clients are corporate travelers, who have been relocated to the state for a temporary reason or are individuals who have a need for short-term housing. Often the individuals are also being relocated, or sometimes they’ve had a problem such as a fire or fire damage to their primary residence, and they need a short-term rental.

What to Think about in Identifying Short Term Rentals

People then ask us questions such as what sorts of characteristics should be look for in a short-term rental. Here are some issues to think about.

First, what is the city that you need to be located in? Now that seems like an obvious question, but if the city that you need to be located in is Los Angeles, that is a very big city both in terms of population and in size. However, you may be at one of the border areas and there may be smaller cities nearby that are very convenient and better to live in than Los Angeles. So take a look at Google maps for instance and look at the city that you’re going to be placed in; look for nearby cities that might be better options. For example, we are big fans of Santa Monica, which is very convenient to Los Angeles, but is technically a separate city.

Second, think about what types of amenities you need. Do you need a completely furnished unit? And if so what type of furnishings? Do you want to pool? Do you want it to be mere freeways? Do you want it to be pet friendly? Make a list of the types of amenities that you need in the property, and how that list handy as you check out the key housing concepts website, or you interact with some of our specialists.

Third, think about your budget. Short-term rentals across the state of California, like everything else in our free market economy, come in a range of prices. It may make a huge difference whether your corporation is paying for the rental, or whether you are having to pay for it out-of-pocket. If your house has had a fire issue, it may be that your insurance company is paying for it. Again there may be many reasons why your budget can be quite different, depending on who is paying what.

Finally, look for a reputable company, one that has a breadth of offerings across the state, and has many offerings in key cities. In this day of the Internet, you may be tempted to go directly to an individual, but that may not be the best choice. Why? Because if things go badly, you have no one to turn to. It is very important to have a reputable company behind you, to support you just in case there are any problems with your short-term rental.

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Take a look at our impressive Key Housing website, and scanned the listings across the cities of California, with your own agenda in mind. Our goal is to find the very best short-term rental for you, and part of that process is for you to have a clear idea of what type of short-term rental you really need. Clear thinking will generate the best results!

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