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Sparks - a great town to stay in if you are visiting Reno on business

Sparks is Reno’s smaller twin. Located just to the East of Reno, it’s a smaller city with that small town charm. If you’re looking for corporate housing that makes life easy, our consultants can help you find corporate housing in Sparks, NV.Sparks - a great town to stay in if you are visiting Reno on business

You may be coming to Sparks direct, or you may be visiting Reno for fun to play in the casinos, or on business to one of the major companies that have premises in the area such as Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, Panasonic, and so on. Whatever your reasons for visiting, if you are staying for more than a week or so, corporate housing in Sparks, NV, will cost a lot less than staying in a hotel.

Staying in corporate housing is also a lot more fun than staying in a hotel. When you stay in a hotel, everything is much the same week after week. Dinner never changes from one week to the next, and if you want a drink in the bar, it costs an arm and a leg. There’s no real privacy, either, unless you want to sit in your cramped hotel room living out of a suitcase.

Like Being In Your Own Home

By contrast, when you use corporate housing in Sparks, NV, it is just like being in your own home. You can come and go as you please, and if you decide that you don’t want dinner until 10.00 pm, that’s fine. You can’t do that in a hotel – or have dinner at 5.00 pm for that matter – because the hotel restaurant isn’t open.

The average stay in corporate housing is around three months, and a hotel for that length of time would become exceedingly tiring and repetitive, and it would also cost a small fortune. Corporate housing is often located in apartments or condos, but we also have single family homes available in the best residential areas.

Many of our corporate housing rentals also have access to gyms, swimming pools, and so on, and have high speed broadband, cable TV, and more. Not only that, but some of the properties have their own yard so that you can have a barbecue. In some of our corporate housing you can bring your pet as well, so you don’t have to leave Rover with a neighbor or family member for weeks on end.

Another thing to note with our corporate housing at Key Housing is that many of the properties that we have are not advertised elsewhere. This is because we keep them filled on an ongoing basis, so our landlords don’t need to advertise anywhere else.

So, if you want the best corporate housing in Sparks for your needs, come to Key Housing.

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