Beyond Cupertino Sterotypes: Have Some Fun Near Your Corporate Rental

Cupertino, California, is famous for its hi-tech.  Of course, it was the birthplace of Apple Computer, and the Apple World headquarters is still in the city.  And there’s HP, which is now a struggling ex-tech giant.  You may be coming to Cupertino or elsewhere in the South Bay on a corporate assignment or looking for corporate housing for some other reason.

Cupertino Corporate Housing
Featured Property – Cupertino City Center & Park Center

Now, here’s the thing.  You may be coming to Cupertino for a corporate assignment, but that’s your work life.  Hopefully they won’t work you to death, and you’ll have time to use your corporate housing in Cupertino as a starting point for some fun. Here are some fun things to do in Cupertino, and we recommend that you choose a corporate stay location that is nearby to the ones that spark your fancy.

Things to do in Cupertino

#1 – Pichetti Winery. This is a great place for fun hikes and you can even set up a private picnic.  There is also wine-tasting, and just a wonderful park to visit to recover from your hard day of corporate work.


#2 – Cupertino Memorial Park. Did you know that Cupertino is a city of parks? Well, it is.  If you don’t have time for wine… consider going to the Memorial Park, which offers family picnic areas, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

#3 – Flint Center for the Performing Arts.  Cupertino has some really high-profile events (Anderson Cooper is coming, for example, in January), and so if you are into theater… Cupertino has a lot to offer.

Cupertino Corporate Housing: Think Green, Think Fun

In sum, when you are looking for corporate housing, don’t just think Tech.  Yes there’s Apple and HP (and even the company you might be working at temporarily).  But think green, think fun, and find some great places nearby to your corporate rental.

In particular, we recommend the lovely Cupertino City Center & Park Center. Or you can browse all of our Cupertino Corporate Housing opportunities.

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