San Mateo Corporate Housing and Lap Swimming: Quite a Combo

Work may be what brings you to San Mateo, California, but corporate housing doesn’t have to be a drag. If swimming is how you relax, you can find accommodations with an on-site lap pool, perfect for early-morning or after-hours exercise. If this is not your top priority, you can also find corporate housing with well-appointed fitness centers, outfitted with treadmills, weights, and both elliptical and cardiovascular equipment.

San Mateo Corporate Housing & Swimming PoolsIf you who prefer your exercise outdoors check out the cycling and trekking trails of Bayside and Lakeshore Park.

Or maybe you want to be calm, really calm. In San Mateo you can also find corporate housing with a Zen meditation garden. Now you know you’re in California!

San Mateo Corporate Housing: Right in the Middle of Things

No matter how great your corporate housing is, you don’t want to spend all your time there.  San Mateo is right in the middle of things. Just to the north is San Francisco, to the south San Jose.  You can even sneak out directly to the Pacific Coast on Highway 92. So your San Mateo corporate housing is right in the middle of things.

San Mateo: The Best Little City You’ve Never Heard of

San Mateo may not have the name recognition of some of the nearby cities, but when you are looking for corporate housing in San Mateo, you could do far worse than be floating in a pool in San Mateo corporate housing. Or you can browse at all of our San Mateo corporate housing.

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