Corporate Housing in Folsom: the City Made Famous by Johnny Cash’s Folsom Prison Blues

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Folsom is a city situated 25 miles east of the state capital of California, Sacramento, and is as well-known for its prison as much as anything else. As of April 30th 2020 the prison housed 2,694 male occupants (130.4% of capacity!) and 276 women which at 68.5% of capacity provides a more comfortable space.Everyone knows Folsom for Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash plus there are some great short term housing opportunities.

Folsom State Prison is best known for the two concerts given there in 1968 by Johnny Cash when he sang the song Folsom Prison Blues, although in fact he had written it several years earlier. There is also now the Johnny Cash Trail which is a paved bike and pedestrian path that connects the downtown Folsom Historic District and Folsom Lake. The trail spans 2.5 miles and traverses two incredibly scenic bridges. Folsom Lake itself has plenty of areas for swimming and boating, and there are plenty of spaces for barbecues, and two camping grounds as well.

A Relatively Wealthy City with Lots of Technology

Folsom is a relatively wealthy city with the average income of a Folsom resident being $38,472 a year compared with the US average which is $28,555 a year, and household income being $106,718 against the US average of $57,652.

If you are assigned to Folsom on business, there are several hotels at which you can stay and which may be suitable if you are only here for a few days, but if it is any longer then you would be far better off in short term housing in Folsom. Hotel rooms are so relatively cramped, which makes sense if you think about it, because a hotel wants to cram as many people into its’ space as possible. By contrast, short term housing in Folsom will give you at least twice the amount of space that you would get in a hotel, and often considerably more.

At Key Housing we provide a variety of different short term housing, ranging from a single bed apartment, which is all you need if you are on your own, to a detached family home which is perfect if you are bringing the wife and kids and the dog as well – many of our short term accommodations are pet friendly.

There are plenty of things to do in Folsom on your days off, including Folsom Zoo, and a great shopping plaza, Folsom Premium Outlets, which has 80 stores. If you like otters, sharks, stingrays, chameleons, frogs, sloths, and more, there is Seaquest Folsom to visit.

Whatever your needs for short term housing in Folsom, at Key Housing we can help you. Just click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

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