Coming to Work in Cupertino and Need to Bring Dog-Friendly Corporate Housing? We Can Help!

You can bring your dog to our corporate rentals in Cupertino.

Tech people are often dog people. Sometimes cat people as well, but often dog people. Cupertino – home to Apple Park – is the center of Silicon Valley, and if you’re a dog person (or a cat person) and coming to do a gig at Apple (or somewhere else in the city), reach out and let our consultants find you best-in-class dog-friendly corporate rentals in Cupertino! You can bring your dog to our corporate rentals in Cupertino.

Cupertino is not a cheap city in which to live. The majority of homes are multi-million-dollar properties, with the starting point in the Cupertino High School area being around $2 million and the Monta Vista HS area at $2.6 million. Larger executive homes start at $4 million and go up to as much as $7 million.

However, if you are on assignment for your employer, then they will be paying for your accommodation, so it shouldn’t worry you. Just so you know, our 1- bedroom dog-friendly corporate rentals in Cupertino start at $4,500 a month and can be as much as $5,500.

The population of Cupertino has exploded since the beginning of Silicon Valley. In 1960 it was 3,664. That went up by 388.4% in 1970 to 17,895. Today, it is 60,381 as of the 2020 census.

By far and away the biggest employer is, of course, Apple which is headquartered on 150 acres of land at Apple Park. There are no less than 15,000 employees here.

If you ride a bike, you will be pleased to learn that there are many bike lanes on a lot of the boulevards. In April 2009 the city opened the Mary Avenue Bicycle Footbridge, the first cable-stay bicycle-pedestrian bridge over a California freeway that connects the North and South sections of the Stevens Creek Trail.

It Won’t Worry You If Your Employer Is Paying

Stevens Creek Country Park is great for hiking and picnicking, and there is also a large reservoir where you can go boating or fishing. There is a golf course at Blackberry Farm and there are, as you might imagine, wineries such as Picchetti Winery and Ridge Vineyards where you can go wine tasting, as well as Vidovich Vineyards which produces Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Cupertino also has a museum, the California History Center, devoted to the history of the state. The 39th Cupertino Cherry Blossom Festival is to be held on April 29-30, 2023.

If you are coming to Cupertino for business purposes, or for that matter for a holiday, then let us know what you require in the way of dog-friendly corporate rentals in Cupertino so that we can provide what you need.

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