Finding The Best Corporate Housing in San Bernardino Shouldn’t Be a Difficult Project

It’s common knowledge that travel and long-term stays might be involved if you are a project manager. Housing will be the first concern if that stay means visiting the Los Angeles area. extended-stay apartments nearby San BernardinoIt must be right, and it has to be secured quickly. The Riverside / San Bernardino has a population of around 221,000 people to being with. In one of the most popular regions in the country where housing is already considered a problem, how do you get corporate housing?

Typically, anyone looking to stay in the area will find “compromise” a common theme. Does it have on-site laundry facilities? No…but the laundromat is ten blocks away. Does the apartment have a fully functioning kitchen? Not really, but the kitchenette counter has room for a coffee pot (get used to the fast food down the street). One guarantee is the corporate housing will have a bed and a place to hang clothes. How “valued” do you think a valued employee will feel if this is the type of “home” they go to every night?


If the project is important enough to send your best, they should have the best accommodations to be ready to work. Our corporate housing nearby San Bernardino provides an authentic living experience. There are several extended-stay apartments in the Riverside area. Whether your top employee wants to cook at home or dine nearby, our locations and amenities offer a chance to make healthy choices. Suppose they need to catch up on work after regular business hours. In that case, we provide reliable wi-fi and on-site business services.

Units are furnished with all the basics of a home: full kitchens and utensils, TV, bath and bedding. The furniture is modern, clean and comfy too. Laundry facilities are on-site if a unit doesn’t have a washer and drier.

Recreational opportunities are both on-site and nearby. Corporate apartments offer luxury pools, barbecue areas, and gyms. Cultural experiences, including theater and art museums, can be found too. And for invigorating nature hikes, the Lake Matthews Estelle Mountain Reserve is a quick drive nearby ( Employee housing offers serviced apartments and short-term rentals with various housing packages. Corporate housing doesn’t have to make a valued employee feel second-rate. Don’t compromise.

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