Corona May Be Inland, but Corporate Housing Is Still Hard to Find

Key Housing has corporate housing available near LAX.

Corona, California, is located in Riverside County, east of Los Angeles. It’s part of the booming “Inland Empire,” and if business brings you inland, you’ll need an expert guide. Corona may be inland, but corporate housing is hard to find.Because even though it’s inland, Corona, CA, corporate rentals are still hard to come by.

Corona is a medium sized city of about 160,000 people and there is lots to do there if you are visiting on a short-term contract for business purposes. Obviously, you’ll get some days off, and Corona has some great places to go, whatever your interests are: you can even go zip lining in Corona!

Of course, first of all you need somewhere to stay. If you are visiting on business for any length of time, you won’t want to stay in a hotel living in a single small room out of a suitcase. Trust us, if you have never done it, it can become extremely boring. It’s OK for a week or two, but after that you will begin to wish very much that you had a home of your own.

Not only that, hotels are so expensive. Everything in a hotel is an extra. You need your laundry done? (Of course you do). Certainly sir, that will be extra. Parking? Sure: it’s an extra. Dinner? (You’ve got to eat). A G&T beforehand? Everything is an extra. Believe it or not, some hotels still charge extra for Wi-Fi!

Corporate Rentals Are Very Different

However, when you use Corona, CA, corporate rentals, all that is very different. You can get everything from a one-bedroom apartment to a five-bedroom house if you really need it. They are often located in the very best residential areas, and you get plenty of space to relax. You’ll get a fully equipped kitchen, fresh bedding, designer furnishings, inside washer/dryer equipment, free highspeed internet, and cable television service as standard. You can also get housekeeping services, and parking, as well as access to swimming pools, hot tubs, and exercise facilities in many Corona, CA, corporate rentals.

However, the trick is that you do have to know where to look. Sure, you can see what’s available on Google, but then not everything that is available shows up on Google. That is because many private landlords who register their properties with us at Key Housing don’t advertise anywhere else and their properties, therefore, won’t show up on Google.

We have been ion the business of renting short-term corporate homes for many a long year, and we keep our landlords’ properties occupied. This is why those in the know who need short-term rentals in Corona come to us.

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